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May 132015



DUSTFISH VILLAGE, this year is on some of the best real estate on the playa. “6:30 and Esplanade”. This is going to be amazing camped right beside Center Camp. Our peeps ROCKED IT, 6:30 and Esplanade says that loud and clear.  Pay dues for “Dustfish on the Playa 2015″ before we are full.

DUSTFISH will be joining Forces with Sextant and Sk8kamp to create a Village in 2015!! Sextant brings their 52′ high Zip Line, which lands near two huge Tesla Coils, while Sk8kamp creates an interactive 24/7 Skateboard Park.  This newest incarnation of DUSTFISH is beyond exciting and we’re hoping YOU will join us. Due to the fantabulous recent GRASSFISH Campout, we are late getting the camp dues request together so we’re doing it differently. We are using Yapsody this year for dues, as that makes it sooo much simpler. PLEEEEEZE get your dues in asap so we can get this gigantic ball rolling. And, bring your friends  – you KNOW we’re the best place to call Home out there. Pay dues for “Dustfish on the Playa 2015″.

Image of Lord Huckleberry

DUSTFISH will of course be bringing back the BEST LIVE PERFORMANCES ON PLAYA!!! Our main stage consists of three circus box cars. Visualize the Animals Crackers Box. Entertainment includes cabaret performances, Bhutto Burlesque, circus and drag shows and include live bands to classical piano and electronic violins. Our interactive Circus Playground out front includes a Fortune Tellers tent, a seesaw, swings and a sit-and-spin, among other playful pieces along side our Fortune Teller’s Bar and chill space. One of our founders, Opal Essence will be Lead this year. If you wish to join DUSTFISH camp as a newcomer or want to join our Village FB page, please us know at dustfishcampdues@googlegroups.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/462525950579126/.

Sk8Kamp builds ramps for all levels from beginner to advanced. We invite anyone to try out skateboarding with the skateboards, pads, and helmets that they provide. They host skateboard clinics daily from 10AM-12PM and encourage anyone to ride anything on our ramps whether it be skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates, bikes, surrey’s, segways, bigwheels, unicycles, or any other crazy vehicles they bring to burning man. We will have a skateboard shop where anyone can take what they need to build their dream skateboard. The ramps will be lit at night to allow riding 24 hours a day.  http://facebook.com/sk8kamp

Sextant has Massive Tesla Coils! The Tesla Coils will hopefully be located on the actual Playa, just across from the Esplanade. Stroll through the Faraday Tunnel and stand at the very center of the action. This system will not have the harsh din of a typical Tesla Coil; but the rumble of a low Bass note. Their signature 52’ Tower will be brightly illuminated and visible from across the Playa as a distinctive feature of our cityscape. Your journey up the Tower begins with a cozy shaded & lit lounge at Playa level with carpets, bean bags, pillows and blankets, books and a massage table. Next, ascend to Vünderbar, Ze Bar In Ze Sky! The bar floor is 16’ off the Playa with a fantastic view. The very top of the Tower features a 52’ tall Crow’s Nest for up to five people. If you like, attach your provided safety harness to the trolley and soar over Black Rock City for 350’, all the way to A Street.  http://facebook.com/sextantcamp

Map of Dustfish Village 2015

May 122015

GRASSFISH 2016 will be May 10-17 so gird your loins!

GrassFish 2015 was held at Saratoga Springs Retreat and Healing  Center CA.  www.saratogasprings.com   in April. The resort is absolutely amazing with private use for DustFish and our friends! The over 100 year old main lodge is complete with commercial kitchen and ample dining space. Near it is a new stunning large lodge with in floor heat. Pool/hot tub, firepit, camp sites, cabin’s, large yurt and sooo much natural beauty.

New friendships were made and old friendships were celebrated. Over 150 DustFishes and DustGuppies attended and many were heard saying things like best campout ever and most fun in forever. With a well stocked DustFish bar and the most amazing group of people it just doesn’t get better. Several individuals stepped up and made this campout happen and made it a big success, a big thank you to all of you.  This was for sure an epic campout that will be talked about for years to come.

So keep an eye out next spring for GrassFish 2016 notices and join us for the second annual Grassfish Campout


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Jul 012014

Due to an enthusiastic response we’ve filled up our camp roster for 2014.

Please come by and visit us though. We’ll have lots of great live entertainment all week long.

DUSTZILLA vs the Two Headed Cock

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Jun 132014

San Francisco PRIDE Afterparty.

Terrific nearby private underground venue – The Konservatory.

Trashy elegant – just our style – with bar, tables/seating, small stage. Roof top patio with great view and BBQ ! (meat and vegetarian) Showings of NoNo’s film of Pride 2001, the year Lord and company entered their Two Headed Cock dragon which ejaculated for the judges in the Pride Parade. Won award for “Fabulously Outrageous”. News anchor covering the Parade: “Umm, well . . . I just don’t WHAT to say about this one ! . . .” Also showings/music from Douglas Charles Kittredge created for “Judgement Day” memorial to Lord at InnerMission last fall.

New Dustfish SwagWe have racks of the new DUSTFISH shirts/jacket/T’s specially chosen from thrift stores and silk screened: DUSTFISH, (a image that Lord took of himself with angel wings) RISING

. . . These are NOT your ragtag crappy images/T’s – they are just priced that way! Join us after Pride to relax with your friends, have some food, some laughs . . . $10 door.

email dustfishdustzilla@gmail.com for address.


DUSTFISH CAMP BM2014: “Rez-Erection” of Lord

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Apr 242014

2014_stageThis year is the “Rez-Erection” of Lord. Our beloved founder Lord Huckleberry passed last fall. He believed in a tribe based on the Power, Glory and Beauty of Love. This year “Rez-Erection” is about still laughing with that man, each other and creating magic and mayhem. DUSTFISH is part of Lordz living legend and has always been about inclusion. We love when new people are drawn to us, whether you knew the lovely motherfucker or not. He’d originated this tribe as PHEY: Pleasure Hogs Enjoying You. We’re your crazy bad ass friends at your tripped out corner dive bar with Fanfuckingtastic live stage offerings. We are the missing tooth in the smile that is Burning Man.

Lord always dreamed and schemed of using hot air balloons as a means to travel. This year of Caravansary we take our live stage and it’s accompanying performers aloft in search of travelers to touch down and entertain. Our stage will be a 45′ long airship (with upper decks both fore and aft as performance/observatory decks). Tethered above are three giant balloons (visual, not actual hot air balloons). Traveling along side is a pink elephant (sound/audio booth) under it’s own balloon. Three flying monkeys are our scouts going out over two “dunes” (interlocked 24′ chill and bar domes) in search of travelers to touch down and entertain. Décor will include fantastical items and animals from our travels.

YUP, plans are ambitious, if you don’t have carpenter skills, fluffers and food always welcome. Beer welcome, you know the drill. Creating it’s half the fun and eza BIG project. Email dustfishbuild@gmail.com to get hooked up. Build locations happen in both Benicia and Oakland.

Parties are fun and we like ’em but they’re more about gathering/fun than actual fundraising. We fly this caravan on camp fees. Saves you bread and gets us much needed early build dough if you can do it sooner than later! See column to right. If you simply cannot make full camp fees, be a build slave. Some will happen in June but JULY/August will be the major mayhem build times. Leads will know who showed, or not, and that will help your cause. Because really: Everybody pays camp fees, no matter how much they contribute in addition. The process of creating this is its own labor of loves.

* * Our current FB group has virtually become a community page so we have a NEW FB group dedicated to camp biz – for those interesting in going, or simply helping bring us to the playa this year: DUSTFISH 2014: “Lordz Rez-Erection”

Find us on Facebook here.

STUDFISH Lordz Rez-Erection 2014

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Apr 172014

StudFish HowWeird AfterpartySTUDFISH

The “Rez-Erection” of Lord
How Weird Afterparty
Funrazor and gathering of the Tribe

May 4th:  The Stud Bar:  399 9th Street at Harrison, SF  94103

DUSTFISH goes back to the playa HARD in Lord Huckleberry’s honor. Our live music stage (usually about 8/Esplanade) will be a hot air balloon flying airship. This was Lord’s dream of travel, and we’ll create it this year. Monkey’s flying out of Lordz Ass? You betcha . . . and more! . . . Mebbe you’ll wanna join us out there, anyway come play with us at STUDFISH. All welcome!

6-8  DJ Dan
8 SHARP -9ish: Bassmentals: Live Rock n Roll
9:30-10:30:  Performances:  (many from fabulous VDV http://VaudeVireSociety.com/)
*Starshine: (VdV) http://youtube.com/watch?v=6vn_DBNiWUs
*Mz. K: (VdV) and SexBombe Cabaret http://kirstenegerding.com/mz-k/
*Prince Xzizst (VdV) http://facebook.com/xzistizm
*Mama D’Oro (superior drag) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s5wVzFSF4SY
*Phreeda People

Check us out on Facebook!

MC Treasure Chest!
10:30 on . . . DJ: Imani AKA Nabakaneza

The usual fabulous array of live music and acts starting PROMPTLY at 8pm since it happens directly after How Weird Street Fair. Doors open at 6. Drink specials and food!

$15 sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.
21 and over.